Are you interested in joining an innovative industry leader? Passport Title is adding talent to our growing team. Whether you're an experienced title professional or a recent graduate interested in launching a career, we have a place for smart, passionate people who want to be part of a high performing team.

Passport Title offers the freedom and flexibility to work remotely or in an office environment. Read our CEO's article on the culture we nurture that allows remote working  arrangements to flourish.

Our employees are full and part time, and we provide flexible work schedules to meet the personal and financial needs of industry professionals.

We believe in training and development to help employees grow professionally and advance their careers. Our commitment to professional development includes company sponsored and funded industry licensing.

Passport Title offers a generous paid-time-off benefit, so our employees can enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

We offer and contribute to a group health insurance plan for our employees and their families, and we offer dental and vision insurance.

To help employees save pre-tax money for retirement, Passport Title sponsors and contributes to a retirement plan.

This approach enables us to attract and retain top talent.

If you are interested in joining our growing team, please browse our job openings.

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