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Company Overview

Passport Title is a title insurance agency and real estate settlement company exclusively focused on title agent partnerships.

Through our industry-first partnership model, we provide a platform for end-to-end settlement processing, support operations, title insurance agency and compliance functions.  Our operating platform helps title agents achieve greater business success as part of a larger entity than they would alone.

With a growing footprint, Passport Title operates across a five state region for commercial and residential transactions and services business nationally through our underwriter.

We are a trusted service provider to over 250 national, regional and local lenders.  Our lender relationships are built around sound risk management, quality controls and Best Practices compliance.

Passport Title achieved another consecutive year of record growth in 2016 with a 49% increase in settlement volume and a 15% increase in the number of title agents who choose to partner with us.

Passport Title is privately held and independent.  This structure allows us to focus on serving the interests of our title agent partners.



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Our History

Since our founding in 2005, Passport Title has been known for innovation, thought leadership and helping title agents succeed in changing market environments.

We broke ground in the business of real estate settlements when we pioneered a title agency and processing partnership model in 2008 to help title agents continue in business after the collapse of the real estate market.

A continuous improvement philosophy has kept Passport Title at the forefront of Best Practices, TRID, RESPA-compliance, technology and talent.  Our operating platform has been honed to provide performance excellence for our partners and their clients, and we are proud to serve a growing community of title agents.

Just as we were committed to helping title agents persevere during the housing market crisis, we’re equally prepared today to help title agents succeed in a changing landscape of CFPB compliance and heightened risk management.

Integrity, determination, innovation and leadership were at the core of our company in 2005, and they are values we continue to honor today.


John R. H. Cotter | President and Chief Executive Officer

John has a demonstrated track record of innovation in the title industry having built business models that anticipate market changes.  He was a pioneer of affiliated business arrangements in the Mid-Atlantic where he established over 50 RESPA-compliant title agencies.

After working in leadership positions for large, multi-state title companies, John founded Passport Title Services, LLC, in 2005.  Recognizing a shifting landscape, early in 2008 he introduced an industry-first partnership model to support title agents who faced business challenges following the mortgage crisis.  John has grown Passport Title’s client base from a small number of attorneys to a large community of title agents who enjoy the benefits of Passport Title's platform for real estate settlements.

John is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Email: jcotter@passporttitle.com
TEL: 240-542-1920

admin-ajaxMichael K. Rizk, Esq. | General Counsel

Mike is a licensed attorney with over 20 years of experience in the field of real estate law. His expertise was developed through hands-on experience with thousands of real estate transactions in the Mid-Atlantic.  He was formerly a partner in Redden and Rizk, P.A. until 1992, at which time he started his own law firm, Michael K. Rizk, P.A., and his own settlement company, USA Settlements, Inc.

In 2008, Mike merged his business with Passport Title and joined the organization as general counsel.

Mike is a graduate of Arizona State University and received his juris doctor from the University of Miami.

Email: mrizk@passporttitle.com
TEL: 240-747-7072

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